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Partnership Announcement Forest Staking + Amnis Finance

We're absolutely thrilled to share some fantastic news with you today. As we continually push the envelope in the blockchain world, today stands as a pivotal moment for us. We're beyond excited to announce our strategic partnership with Amnis Finance, an innovative LST protocol anchored in the Aptos blockchain.

Aptos' rise in the blockchain industry signifies its forward-thinking and adaptability. Within this thriving space, Amnis Finance has emerged as a guiding light, epitomizing the vast potential of decentralized finance. Their standout performance at the Aptos Hack Singapore 2023 was nothing short of impressive. This partnership underscores our dedication to aligning with the very best in blockchain technology and our passion for broadening the horizons of the Aptos ecosystem.

Stepping Up as a Whitelisted Validator

This journey with Amnis Finance isn't merely a partnership; it's a combined mission. We are honoured to be recognized and whitelisted as a validator within their prestigious LST protocol. This isn't just a nod to our technical prowess but a significant responsibility we're eager to shoulder. With our committed team at the helm, we're geared to provide a fortified infrastructure and deep technical knowledge, ensuring a fluid and secure user experience.

The Forest Continues to Grow, Rooted in Experience

Our engagement in the Aptos Hack Singapore 2023 wasn't just a learning curve; it was a transformative experience. During this event, we witnessed first-hand the brilliance of Amnis Finance, and it's this standout performance that led us to forge our impactful partnership with them. Teaming up with such a recognized name bolsters our intent to delve deeper and amplify our influence within the Aptos world.

The dynamic nature of the blockchain propels us forward. With our budding partnership with the remarkable Amnis Finance and our shared endeavours at the Aptos Hack Singapore 2023, we're more charged than ever in our ambition to lead the pack. To our loyal community, partners, and supporters, we extend our promise of relentless innovation, state-of-the-art solutions, and ventures that will carve new paths.

We're brimming with excitement for what the future holds! Stay tuned for more news and insights. Follow our blog posts on our website and updates on our social media channels.

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